Crime MobSign In The Air

[Lil jay:] I got ma sign in the air But these ni***z unaware That we never gave a f**k we gives a damn if you don't care I'm with ma ni***z shakin hair shakin dreads in this b***h Them otha ni***z in the club dat be scared talkin s**t Hiding right behind they homies hesitated to throw up signs Ima put it in his face and slap that boy fuckn blind I'm a player on da grind Ella' Jay don't give a s**t See me crunk off in the club Throw ma sign up like this [Princess:] A Throw yo sign in the air Let them ni***z know what set yo claim Ellenwood dat be ma hood And where the best is known to hang In the club crunk Drunk as hell Pockets stay the fattest Quick to buck up on a hoe Cuz East side b*****s be the baddest Neva backin down Act a clown I'll show you its nothing Throw dat E up in yo face I pulled yo card so get the buckin You know the deal And talkin s**t is once in time So let it be known That I'm about mine And I am not scared to throw up dat sign b***h [Chorus:] A put yo sign in the air If you feel it They don't won't it Way high in the air Just like this [x4] [Diamond:] If they dealin with violence n***a I'm strapped and I'm ridin Cuz if you want it I got it Ma cliques the reason you hottest I got my burrow Ma clique Ma zone and sign in the air We aint boss claimin You name it I'll throw ma sign anywhere And flip a middle finger for a hater up in ma face Just know the circumstance Ain't no second chances yo way So when you reppin yo sets Yo city, Hood, and Yo trap Just keep you mouth close And dem eyes open and watch yo back [M. I. G.:] I throw it up I put ma sign in the mothafuckin air If yall ni***z feelin me Then throw a mothfukin chair Ni***z wanna know where ya from This is do it there If you from the hood Throw it up 'cuz n***a you don't care Get ya head knocked off In the streets it aint fair I'm from Ellenwood man I smoke weed and drink beer I put ma sign way high Cuz I aint playin this year Heated thang on me I be makin ni***z disappear [Chorus:] [Cyco black:] North side clique Let 'em know what hood you represent Eastside Southside Northside Westside All us ni***z in this b***h Represent Its all good leave the club if you don't Cuz you be dem type of ni***z dat get cracked 'gainst the dome Take it home Give a f**k We don't need you up in here B***h made ni***z get no love This a thug atmosphere Dirty slum in yo ear This bullshit aint neva died Put yo sign in that air All my real ni***z gone ride [Chorus:] © 2014