Reba McentireOne Last Good Hand

The stars are way out of reach, they all said Those are crazy schemes that fill your fool head But it was clear from the moment we met We could prove them wrong All my life I heard that same old story Dare to dream and you'll just be sorry I might have given up my shot at glory But then you came along [Chorus] We're not expecting this to go down easy We're not expecting any sweet dreams Sure thing But with a little luck Could be we'll be Winding up the way we planned Heading for our promised land Holding one last good hand Something's calling us I know you hear it Day by day I feel us growing near it But once you find a kindred spirit There's nothing you can do Oh, baby I'm not saying we won't ever stumble Some days will be rough and tumble You and I know that life's a gamble But I'll Bet mine on you [Chorus] © 2017