Jane MonheitHoneysuckle Rose

[Verse]: Have no use for sweets of any kind Since the day you came around, From the start i instantly made up my mind Sweeter sweetness can`t be found. You`re so sweet, can`t be beat, Nothing sweeter ever stood on feet. [chorus]: Every honeybee fills with jealousy When they see you out with me. I don`t blame them goodness knows, Honeysuckle rose. When you`re passing by, Flowers droop and sigh, And i know the reason why. You`re much sweeter, goodness knows, Honeysuckle rose. Don`t buy sugar, You just have to touch my cup. You`re my sugar, It`s sweet when you stir it up. When i`m taking sips from your tasty lips, Seems the honey fairly drips, You`re confection, goodness knows, Honeysuckle rose.
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