Eric ClaptonLovin' You Lovin' Me

I am so in love for once in my life. In my dreams, I've known you many times before. And I so want you to be my dear wife, As only you can satisfy me any more, And only you can love me more. [Chorus:] I'm lovin' you lovin' me lovin' you. It's all the same; when loving, two together makes one. Everybody sing la, la la la, la la la, la la la. It's all the same, and we are one. I will give you a world of your dreams if you want them. I can feel the power when you're standing there. Someone sent me you; oh lord, I will thank him, And all the rest, it just don't matter, And all the rest and all the rest. [Chorus] Loving you. You know I love you. © 2017