Z-RoThat'z Who I Am

[Z-Ro] Houston Texas is my city, Ridgemont 4 is my block I put my trust in no man, only my motherfucking glock Cause she ain't never let me down, before F**k a gang I follow my b***h, cause she be busting rounds for Ro Unlike my homies, cause they phony than a m**********r Even my broad, cause she might be f*****g some other brother Lord knows, that I couldn't take it if I found out Premeditated, cause I'm about to let them automatic rounds out A prisoner of my own mind, losing it swiftly Clicking on motherfuckers, until the reaper come and get me F**k a friend and a click, and a partner in crime Cause when you doing your bid, they won't be partners in time I bet they be the main reason, why you locked up in a county That's why I strive, to keep all the busta b*****s from round me So take it how you wanna take it, I don't give a damn I'm an a*****e by nature, n***a this is who I am [Hook - 2x] I know they told y'all, deep down South we don't play Don't get too close, cause n***a I'm gon spray Everyone of y'all, piss me off and you gon see me touch Your noggin y'all, that's who I am n***a f**k you [Z-Ro] Don't worry my n***a, I'm coming to make your bail Wait a second, how this buster know I'm going to jail I seen the hatred in they faces, when the prince wanted to see me When they thought I was leaving, they wanted to D-E-A-D me Dropping salt on my name, saying I sold my soul And these suppose to be my people, damn my people so cold Why not be happy for a n***a, when he make a major move Chill you playing with this game, but I've been paying major dues I can't tell a m**********r, how to fly a plane If I ain't never been up in the cockpit, you feeling me mayn I got a bunch of records sold, and y'all ain't sold s**t Your foreign's at a standstill, but my Houptie's on the road b***h Beef with me n***a, and you can find out How I murder n****s with my lyrics, I ain't gotta pull my iron out Take it how you wanna take it, I don't give a damn F**k them n****s who say they down, one deep is who I am [Hook - 2x] [Z-Ro] I'ma follow the truth, and never follow lies So I'ma ride on Watts, until his fat a** apologize For saying what he said, about s***w Look who your style is named after m**********r, you number two And you know what come before one, n***a this mouthpiece Z-Ro and S. You. C., Southside super hero F*****g with you pussies, cause it's time you be tampered with When you see me look me in the eyes, and pull up your pamper b***h My n***a named Tommy, say he's coming to get ya His people gon be swinging, everyone of em'll hit ya Holding on to my grudges, until my brain get a blister I love drama so much, because my life is so rough So when you see me out in public, don't you come at me wrong Disrespect me if you ain't, hoe I'ma f**k up your dome You can take it how you wanna take it, I don't give a damn Street Military was my father, Z-Ro is who I am [Hook - 2x]
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