Donald FagenThe Great Pagoda Of Funn

The stars are bright tonight The air is sweet Though summer's over now There's a strange new music in the street You and I Know the world can't be like this It's our love that makes it shine Girl Whatever trouble waits outside these doors We're safe inside thsi house of light We make up our own storyline Around the neighborhood They stare and grin As if they live their lives Just to help maintin the state we're in But when we fight Then those hungry woolves close in We're one thoughtless word away From poison skies And severed heads And pain and lies So follow me I'll hold you tight And we'll build a life together In the great pagoda of funn This magic soon will fade Without a doubt We'll have to work my love Just to keep the flame from going out Cause if we fail Then these walls will fall away And we'll fin we're in the realm Of psycho-moms And dying stars And dirty bombs Please follow me And hold me tight Yes we'll build a world together In the great pagoda of funn © 2018