Kanye WestI Need To Know

[Chorus] I need to know, you down to do whatever? Down to get it poppin? Down to get topless, ohh I need to know, if you about cutting Or you about frontin, baby I need to know [Verse 1] I spent my last 8 checks's on a neck-e-lace So I better get some sex for this, shiit She wanna sip up on the cris-e-cris Like it's Christ-e-mas and I'm St. Nicholas I got her and her sister innn That white benz, dyke twins I ain't gon lie they only fives but together they ten's And would I do 'em again? Hmmm, hmmm? It's like old folks pissin cause it all depends And it's no coke sniffin just juice and gin Grey Goose to get you loose then hit the nigga producing The track that got you movin, this track got you movin So crazy you don't know what you doin You been telling them jokes, and its not a rumor I like a girl with a sense of humor To give me head til it ache and it's not a tumor So let me know what's goin down 'fo I pay for this room cuz [Chorus x2] [Verse 2] Now if you got it you got it And if you don't then you prolly wont Sissy niggaz call 'em maricon I never hit a lady but my game might abuse 'em By 'em boots just to tell them that I Jimmy Choose 'em Take 'em back to confuse 'em So she don't know if she coming or going Cuz mami after I'm cumming I'm going Back to show just frontin and flowin Jewelry stuntin and glowin, this life is something I know it And I been known to have a hoe or two Cuz my diamonds yellow like a smoker tooth I tell 'em step into the vocal booth Roll a joint, smoke a few, after that I'm pokin you After that it's over boo, baby grab your coat and VOOM [Chorus x2] [Verse 3] Now there's three different levels to relationships Polly'n at the club wit em, talking getting affectionate Leavin and havin sex with em, kickin them out Trickin on models, dimes and rats, now I don't get into that I kick that habit, I just, keep 'em impressed Let 'em seat in the Lex, never, eat 'em unless That fuckin cat looks fresh I got a lion in my pocket, I'm lyin I got a nine in my pants and baby I'm just dyin for a chance Who ready to fuck? You ready to fuck? Off the sizzurp Says she ready to cut, then she grabs my scissors She prolly look good but what's scary to me Henny make hoes look like Halle Berry to me [Chorus x2]
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