Concrete BlondeDance Along The Edge

Sometimes we laugh like children Go running holding hands I never felt like this before, I never will again Sometimes we cry like babies I hold you to my heart. I just can't stand to see you sad, It tears me all apart And we're so afraid and it's such a shame, There is no reason we should doube it. The things we want to say we'ver never said! And we look away and it's all ok and Never really talk about it It's a shame the way we dance along the edge Dance along the edge. We always seem so careful, We're always so unsure. Our past mistakes they make us shakey... Eyes on the door. When do we stop searching For what we're searching for? Then when it comes, we question love and try for more! And we're happy here, but we live in fear We've seen a lot of temples crumble. Some of flesh and blood from love under glass. Will we come undone? Will we turn and run? And will we know it when we find it? It's a game the way we dance along the edge. And we'll walk the line and we'll do our time For just as long as we've been given, And pretend that we don't hear the things they've said. Can we promise love? Is it all too much And do our old souls still believe it? It's insane the way we dance along the edge. © 2018