Quiet RiotSouth Of Heaven

[Verse 1:] Well I realize that love can be foolish and I realize it can be unkind It?s a never ended river of fear ahead and behind Your always full of righteous indignation, you can put that where the sun never shines All I need is one more thing to fear, and a dark place to hide [Chorus:] You know you?re south of heaven A quarter mile from hell You know you?re south of heaven Will you take me down- only time will tell [Verse 2:] You think everything can be purchased, you think everyone has their price Just like the fool that I am I believed you were right You?re always thinking about meditation In contact with spirits all the time I?ve got a magic trick for you it?s disappearing time [Bridge:] Stay away from my house- keep out of my life I can?t take no more I see snakes on your head I?d rater be dead- You already are
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