Willie NelsonMy Mary

I take a trip every evening scrolling down memory lane I'm walkin' again those familiar paths dreaming those dreams again And I can always see my sweetheart just as she used to be Waiting for someone at the garden gate and I know that someone is me Big brown eyes and pearly hair and you'd tell that's Mary Rosy cheeks and ruby lips can't you tell that's Mary Ofttimes in the evenings we'd go scrolling Hand in hand together beneath the pepper tree And I can feel her hand in mine as I sit alone tonight Dreaming of the times I spent with Mary [ fiddle - guitar ] Ofttimes in the evenings... Oh gee wouldn't it be wonderful to open up the doors of the past And live again as yesterday But you know no matter where I wander no matter where I roam There'll always be a place in my heart boys Fofr a girl away back for a girl that I used to call Mary
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