Wrestling LyricsFreestyle- Smackdown 2003-02-06

I??™m untouchable. Straight down to the walk. Get out your cell phones cause I??™m calling out Brock. ???Don??™t talk about Brock Lesnar! He??™ll come up here and kill me.??? Brock Lesnar sucks as bad as the city of Philly. Oversized oaf, his forehead, his jaw??¦ I??™ll tell you what ???F5??? stands for. ???Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum.??? I forgot my name, my brain went numb. Damn, I??™m dumb. You??™re so clumsy, you couldn??™t be a cripple in a dance off. You want to see the Next Big Thing? Let me take my pants off. You??™re as smart as a third grader that never went to class. And I challenge you next week. So I can kick your ass! You didn??™t get that? Let me rewind it for you. I challenge you next week so I can kick your ass!
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