PrinceLion Of Judah

Sitting on the floor of an all white room Feeling like the color blue Thinking about the words that I can use 2 get this through 2 U A million mistakes and then some I've made with the 1's B4 I probably passed my expiration date But still I adore U... Adore U... Looking 4 the energy 2 take U there The place's that U wanna go Knowing if I do, U'r fully aware The press will turn it in to a show (A show) Everyone expects this outcome But still they jump 4 all the crew I Guess should be happy but I'm still not Sure that U realy love me... Love me... Love me... Love me... U love me... [Chorus:] Like the Lion of Judah (Judah) I Strike my enemys down As my God is living Surely the trumpet will sound There was 1 who would stand by my side Through the good and the bad Let that 1 stand with pride The best that I ever had Like the lion of judah Driving away with a smile on my face Wind blowing through my hair Wondering how U'll feel when U find out How much I really care (I care) Hoping that the tears roll down U'r face (Down U'r face) Your body grasp who we are (Who are we?) 2 gypsy beggars who only by Vegas Came 2 be a star (A super star) A star That's what we are... [Chorus] Like the Lion of Judah (Judah) I strike my enemys down Like the lion of judah (Judah) Surely U....gonna hear the trupet sound Hear the trumpet will sound (ohhh) Lion... Judah... Judah... The Lion of Judah © 2014