PrinceMr. Goodnight

Mister, mister Love you mister Come on [Chorus:] Call Mr Goodnight He'll make you feel alright Make you throw your head back and holla So nice, so nice Better not tell your girlfriend You can try with all your might Just can't keep a secret 'Bout goodnight, goodnight Hey, baby, hey baby, hey, baby, sitting all alone in my courtyard Looking as if you have every right All over the world they call me Prince But you can call me Mr Goodnight Surely the dandies that escort you places Imparted a rumor or two About the parade of lovely faces That follow me ... surely they do? What say you to that, lips so inviting It's all I can do not to stare What say you to them, past, present and future That you don't care (I don't care) If so, you'll be the first, and I'll give you the keys To the whip of your dreams, alright? All over the world they call me Prince (yeah) But you can call me Mr Goodnight [Chorus] Now I don't wanna put to you to sleep with a bunch of chatter And a rap that really don't matter But now that you know who I am you need to make plans And all your other pennies should scatter (scatter) A limousine about to pick you up And then took you to a private jet (to fine) (yeah) And then you gonna meet a little Spanish man Who will offer you wine and Moet In an hour or two, you'll be taken to a suite That will rock all your wildest dreams And on the bed three dresses to choose one, pick one Then you get a call from me (ring) Tell me which dress you chose So I can put on, put on my matching suit All the real guys hold your hands up You know how Mr Goodnight do it [Chorus] I love you baby I don't want nobody else Call Mr Goodnight (you can call him) (any time at all) Call Mr Goodnight (yeah, yeah, yeah) (I love you mister) © 2017