PrinceThe One U Wanna C

I know I ain't the first to tell ya I sho bet I won't be the last I know Ur in a hurry baby So let me make this fast [Chorus] I got a lotta money I don't wanna spend it on me I like pretty thangs U're just as pretty as U can be So if U ain't busy later And U want some company I ain't trying to be a hater I'm the one, the one, the one U wana C Look around U baby U know U've seen it all before Every nickle in this club lookin 4 a dime Nothing less nothing more 2 tall 2 be talked down 2 2 over it 2 be put under Any spell a blind fisherman could cast That's why I came like thunder to tell U [Chorus] U don't need 2 fix ur hair 4 somebody U don't care 4 U don't need 2 shave Ur legs If it ain't me that's knocking at Ur door I know U ain't a concubine I know U ain't a 1 nite stand I don't wanna waste Ur time If U wanna get creamy I'm the one U wanna C Oh the one U wanna C baby Oh the one U wanna C I'm the one U wanna C [repeat] Coming on U like thunder I'm the one U wanna C © 2014