2PacThug Blues

Love within a storm (4x) First it was nothin', not even, a fake ? Loneliness was a daily for me, until you came along There was a gleam of a star in your eyes Thought I'd never feel this way again And you were supposed to reach my heart And find love within, looove, looove Oooh...oooh Love within a storm (4x) This sweet, wonderful ghetto love This sweet, wonderful love that you give me Wonderful I could not ignore the magnetism, when I felt you near Any problems plaguin' my mind, was suddenly dissapeared It was re-birth of my heart, the day that you became my friend 'Cause I knew for the moment I held you, that I would fall in love again Fall in love again, in a storm Love within a storm (Continues in background throughout next verses) Just when I thought I'd seen it all Our paths crossed, amen And I knew, from the first glance That you, would be hard to forget Your eyes, attracted me first But you reeked of sultry confidence I couldn't wait, to touch lips And kiss, with my heart's intention When we didn't, was what I expected And for that moment, we erased the tension Of the awkwardness, of first date jitters And the initial blind date, first impressions We kissed again; and I felt the passion And this, my love, was Cupid's blessin' We made love, within a storm In the midst of passion and chaos Somewhere, somehow, our true bond of friendship was lost In the eye of the storm, the rain always falls harder Those who prevail this drama Will learn to bring their love farther But now, the storm has past And the seas of our friendship are gone But as long as I live, I will remember The love within a storm (Love within a storm is repeated after every line) Sweet, passionate, love-lusting love Ya know that I miss you, and love you Ya know that Tupac broke my heart We need to hear ya, hear ya voice They say, this ghetto fabulous On 125th street forkin' around This village, and the village uptown South Central, Compton, Philly Sha-Town, Southside It's hot in 'Lanta, hot in 'Lanta Jersey peeps, I hear ya Miami, South Beach, uh Yeeah, got love for you, love for you My Brooklyn knights lovin' you, lovin' me This open, rich city Ya know, I got love for you
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