Adam SandlerAt The Mall (feat. Kevin Grady)

Whitey: Oh they day can't begin Till the gard lets me in Then I walk for some exersise In less then a snap I complete my daily lap Then it's time to socilize I see Raidy and Ruth At the Information Booth Have rigged the hearing lady At Ben and Jerry's Shake Then I go to Pet Land Where the manager stands Has about to be the dangorous stake Then I pass the tie rack On my way to Radioshack Where I pretent to be a Hollywood Star I try to walk like John Wayne While singing in the rain And the Janitor laughs all the time! A little bit later, All the flash and the painter Was so high I had to close my eyes Janitor: He takes his 11: 30 crap Whitey: Then go over to the Gap And try clothes on for kids my size You want to go to Panda Express? Their spicey Chicken is the best! Go to Instant Barrel for a medium drink Cause their staff is really nice And they only use cubed ice Which is better then chushed I think Bangle lesson nothing sees [?] Look for chocolate heri-ings [?] Cuz he les me take a quich cat nap He says he misses his daughter Puts my hand in warm water And I wake up with a wet yellow lap Footlocker is my last stop Where I have to go and shop For some clean passings couples at a nice price Cuz when I leave the mall, I 'reff' Youth League basketball And to look your best... Never hurts But the greatest thing of all If the truth be told Here at the mall its never too hot or cold Cuz they were smart enough to make it truckin tall .. At the mall, at the mall, at the mall! Sha-La-La! © 2018