AnimaniacsI'm Cute

I'm cute, yes it's true I really can't help it But what can I do When you're cute, it just shows With these two darling eyes and a cute little nose And a pretty pink dress, that's adorable, yes And when they see my dimples then everyone says Oh shoot! Isn't she cute! Cute, cute Oh isn't she cute, cute, cute I'm the one they adore I'm sweet and I'm cuddly And small just like Dudley but more It's a chore To be constantly cute And enchanting to boot When my lip's sticking out In that cute little pout Then there's just no doubt Why the guys like to shout She's a beaut! Let's face it, I'm cute Cute, cute Oh, baby, she's cute, cute, cute Being cute's a thing I can't hide If you look up the word in a book There's my picutre inside! Tv Guide Has me on the cover Don' cha just love her? I'm simply a goddess And isn't she modest? I'm the answer to one of the questions on Trivial Pursuit For "Who's the most cute?" Cute, Cute Oh isn't she cute, cute, cute I'm cute and I'm sweet And I'm innocent, neat And so trusting If you want our opinon this song is becoming disgusting I'm cute So what! I never am vain She's becoming a pain in the.. But I'm also real nice I'm a doll through and through So big whop-de-do I'm sweet and adoring And also real boring And that's why we're snoring at you That's it! You've ruined my entire cute song! I am angry! I am furious! I am enraged! I've had it! You're awfully cute when you're angry... You really think so? A babba dabba dooba do wah! She's cute! © 2018