AnimaniacsVideo Revue

Yakko: Hey, look at this store! Wakko: There's movies galore! Dot: We've seen 'em a thousand times over before Yw+D: And that's why our brains don't work anymore! Yakko: "The Player" is a movie About finding fresh new scripts Like "Rambo 3"... And "Rocky 5"... And "Star Trek" Number 6. Dot: Eva joined with Zsa Zsa And they formed a "Sister Act" But both were "Unforgiven" Because neither one could act. Wakko: "The Hand That Rocked The Cradle" Once belonged to "Hook", you see But it got bored and so it joined "The Addams Family". Yakko: "Amadeus" was a genius "Beethoven" was a dog The "Muppet Family Christmas" Is about a pig and frog. Dot: There was a sled named Rosebud And a "Citizen" named "Kane" He rode it 'til the snow was melted Now he's "Singin' In The Rain". Wakko: The "Princess Bride" got married To the handsome "Prince Of Tides" Which now makes her dad, "The Fisher King", The "Father Of The Bride". Yw+D: And pretty soon you'll find them all Inside the "TV Guide" Along with all the stars you like to see! Dot: Like Hitchcock and Spielberg and Oliver Stone Yakko: Shirley Maclaine and Sylvester Stallone. Wakko: Francis Ford Coppola, Hepburn and Tracy Dot: Robert Zemeckis and Martin Scorcese. Yakko: Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Woody Allen and Mia Wakko: Robert Deniro and Andy Garcia. Dot: Sophia Loren, Barbra Streisand, Joan Crawford Yakko: Paul Newman, Rock Hudson, Spike Lee, Peter Lawford. Yw+D: Jack Nicholson, Brando, and Marilyn Monroe... And that's all the people we know! --- Cast: We're glad the dinosaur is gone He was an easy mark But if we ever miss him We can rent "Jurassic Park". So when it comes to clunkers Like "The Babe" or like "Presidio" Yw+D: Don't pay $7. 50 Just catch 'em on home video. As for us it's bye-bye time So long now, toodle-oo. We've had quite enough of this Cast: Video revue! © 2018