Donald FagenSpringtime

Here at Laughing Pines Where the party never ends There's a spicy new attraction On the Funway You can scan yourself For traces of old heartaches The details of desire Shimmering - shimmering Yowie! - It's Connie Lee At the wheel of her Shark-de-Ville We're cruisin' at about a thousand miles an hour But the car is standin' still So good to hear that crazy laugh To hear her whisper hold me tight To learn to love all over again On that warm wet April night Chorus: Swing out To Lake Nostalgia Route 5 to Laughing Pines Get off at Funway West Drive into Springtime Drive into Springtime Easter Break - '66 A shack on Cape Sincere Mad Mona bakin' gospel candy It was a radical year We get a little silly And fall into microspace It's even better this time around With Coltrane on the K. L. H. Chorus It's you and me honey, in a crowded booth At the Smokehouse in the Sand I'm dragging out some bad old gag When you touch my hand At 4 A. M. We go out of this place You look absurdly sweet We hike downtown to Avenue A Like we own the street Chorus © 2018