Donald FagenTomorrow's Girls

Our town is just like any other Good citizens at work and play Normal folks doin' business in the normal way This morning was like any other Mommies kissing daddies goodbye Then the milkman screamed And pointed up at the sky [Chorus] From Sheilus to the reefs of Kizmar From Stargate and the outer worlds They're speeding towards our sun They're on a party run Here come tomorrow's girls Tomorrow's girls You see them on the grass at lunch hour Soaking up the vertical rays In their summer dresses A little smile can really make your day Their kisses feel like real kisses And when they cry they cry real tears But what's left in your arms When the static clears [Chorus] They're landing on the Jersey beaches Their engines make the white sand swirl The heat is so intense Earth men have no defense Against tomorrow's girls In the cool of the evening In the last light of the triple sun I wait by the go-tree When the day's busy work is done Soon the warm night breezes Start rolling in off the sea Yes, at lantern time That's when you come to me Come to me Our home is just like any other We're grillin' burgers on the back lawn Some time goes by We fall asleep with the TV on I dream about a laughing angel Then the laugh becomes a furious whine Look out fellas It's shredding time [Chorus] They're mixing with the population A virus wearing pumps and pearls Lord help the lonely guys Hooked by those hungry eyes Here come tomorrow's girls Tomorrow's girls [Chorus:] © 2017