Dr DreBody Guard

(Dr. Dre) Yeah, yo lets bring it [Chorus x2](Eminem) What you gonna do when s**t hits the fan Are you gonna stand and fight like a man Show us you as hard as you say you are Or you gonna run and go get your body guard (Dr. Dre) N****s is so gangsta, n****s is thugs Niggas'll spend their whole life pedlin drugs Slangin dope and hopes of one day Bein able to own they own label And give the game up Some n****s came up And some just didn't Its just the way it is If it aint minute just? Some niggas'll get money And pay n****s to back em So they can act up Feel comfortable an rap tough And that's a** backwards Them niggas'll keep comin back And that's when extortion happens Struggle to get free I know how this s**t be You give anything that look legitimately But you gonna find if you do get in this industry That its best to do bussiness with me then against me N****s get behind mics and aint even emcees N****s get on mtv just to diss me This s**t don't even piss me off I'm laughing all the way to the bank Watching you saddle life in my bentley You n****s aint even got a car Youre so far under my radar I don't even know who the f**k you are I tell you to suck my d**k while I'm pissing I don't even listen to ya s**t To know who the f**k I'm dissing And media just feeds into these feuds Trying to add fuel to the fire This little n***a Ja Rule Talking about hes gonna slap me N***a please you gotta jump And swing up to hit me in the knees I laugh at these magazines when they interview em All they doing is making fake threats to us through em Ya p***y ya not Pac I knew em Pac was a real n***a, you just a fuking insult to him Its too bad, we had a fall out before he passed Because if he could he see this s**t now He'd be whoopin your a** Youre talkin to a pioneer who engineered this s**t For nineteen years who ya got in ya ear Ssssss (Suge) I aint even gotta say it, the fans know Quit trying to be tough n***a, You look like a a*****e [Chorus x2] (Obie Trice) They say why don't we increase the peace The only piece to crease Is that which deletes ya peeps Cuz n****s run mouths but they don't want streets Till that 4-5 decease ya speech Ya its a shame how the beef'll creep Coulda reached ya peak Now ya left with a horrible leap I'm trying to be as bleep With my speech as possible Just incase a n***a try to throw me an obstacle N***a I'm not boxing you I'm hospitable I put you in a hospital that's how I get at you Let the doc op on you he don't rid you You back on them streets I send another hit at you This is not a hypocritical issue I will critical condition ya tissue Give a f**k if you bring all ten of them with you I throw an extra ten of them missiles Turn gangstas into gentleman fickle And ever since Eminem dissed you I swear I see the woman and b***h in you All this bickering back and forth over who signs who Curtis pull ya skirt up n***a ya got murdered Now take it like a man and shake it off damn And quit tellin all these magazines ya plans How you gonna slap up my man, ya fictious N***a we'll send stan to come murder ya b*****s [Chorus x2] (Obie Trice) Hahaha.. Yeah, go hide behind All the gangstas you want n***a Matter of fact go get every Gangster from every hood In the United States of America To back you n***a, Aint nobody riding with you You can't see that You fell off n***a Hahaha, damn! Shady / Aftermath motherfucka 2003 to infinite yeah!
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