Dr DreKeep Their Heads Ringin

Intro: Yeah, whattup, this is Dr. Dre The party's goin on Thank God it's Friday ["Buck buck buck buck booyaka shan!" - KRS One" rpt 4X] Chorus: Keep their headz ringin (ding ding dong ring-gading ding ding dong) repeat 2X Verse One: [Hey you, sittin over there] Say what? [You better get up out of your chair] That's right [And work your body down] Yeahhh... [No time to funk around, cause we gon....] Funk, you, right on up So get up, get a move on, and get your groove on It's the D-R-E the spectacular In a party I go for your neck so call me Blackula As I drain a niggaz jugular vein and maintain to leave blood stains so don't complain Just chill, listen to the beats I spill Keepin it real, enables me to make another meal Still, niggaz run up and try to kill at will But get popped like a pimple, so call me Clearasil I wipe niggaz off the face of the Earth since birth I been a bad nigga, now let me tell you what I'm worth More than a Stealth bomber, I cause drama The enforcer, music flows like a flying saucer Or a 747 jet, never forget I'm that nigga that keeps the hoes panties wet The mic gets smoked, once you hear the beat kick With grooves so funky, they come with a Speed Stick So check the flavor that I'm bringin The motherfuckin D-R-E, will keep their motherfuckin headz ringin Chorus Verse Two: One-two for the crew, three-fo' for the dough Five for the hoe, six-seven-eight for Death Row Mad niggaz about to feel the full effect of intellect So I can collect respect, plus a check Now I fin' to, get into to, my mental will take car
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