Grateful DeadBlow Away

A man and a woman come together As strangers. When they part theyre usually Strangers still. Its like a practical joke Played on us by our maker. Empty bottles, That cant be filled. You fancy me to be the master Of your feelings. You barely bruise me With your looks to kill. Though I admit we were sometimes brutal In our dealings, I never held you against your will. Chorus: Baby, whos to say it coulda been different Now that its done. Baby, whos to say... Baby, whos to say that it shoulda been Anyway. Baby, whos to say... Baby, whos to say That it even matters in the long run. Whos to say. Give it just a minute. And itll blow away. Its blow away. Your case against me is so Very clearly stated I please no contest, I turn and shrug. Ive come to figure all importance Overestimated. You must mean water when you beg for blood. © 2018