Grateful DeadMama Tried

First thing I remember knowin' Was a lonesome whistle blowin' And a youngun's dream of growin' up to ride On a freight train leavin' town, Not knowin' where I's bound No one could change my mind but mama tried One and only rebel child In a family meek and mild, Mama seemed to know what lay in store In spite of all my Sunday learnin', For the bad I kept on turnin' Mama couldn't hold me anymore [Chorus:] And I turned twenty one in prison Doin' life without parole No one could steer me right But mama tried, mama tried, Mama tried to raise me better But her pleadin' I denied, That leaves only me to blame 'cause mama tried Dear old daddy, rest his soul, Left my mom a heavy load She tried so very hard to fill his shoes Workin' hours without rest, Wanted me to have the best, She tried to raise me right but I refused [Chorus] That leaves only me to blame 'cause mama tried © 2017