Grateful DeadMaybe You Know

Have you ever wanted something, wanted it so fuckin' bad. That you'd lie, that you'd cheat, that you'd fight in the street. A chance to lose what little you had. Maybe you know I'll be there, maybe you know I'll be there Maybe you know I'll be there, compared to you, I don't seem so mean. I've been hearin' for a long time. I've been hearin' about some loser band. Ain't gettin' younger, but I ain't goin' under. I was promised to rock & roll, this is sad. Time is only wasted, talkin' that will take your life When it all comes down, we're a couple of bums. I know I'll get more tonite. Now you don't owe me nothin', don't take it so personally. There's only one way to make it today and I'm doing all I can for me © 2018