Jimi HendrixHear My Train A Coming

"YEAH, I SEE WE GOT A FEW FRIENDS LAYIN' ROUND IN HERE," "HI JIMI" "yeah, did you know I can do A little number for you right here. You all Together? You all together? " "YEAH, WE'RE ALL TOGETHER" (Cheers) "I'D LIKE TO THROW A LITTLE BLUES ON YA HERE" "YEAH HERE WE GO, IT CALLED 'GET MY HEART BACK TOGETHER' OR SOMTHIN' LIKE THAT" Well I I wait around train station, waitin' for that train Waitin' for that train, waitin' for that train, To take me from this lonesome town, it happens Well now this city has put me through some changes Lord my girl has put me down She put me down, around christmas time, jes its such A shame I can feel the tears I feel the tears, burnin' me Burnin' me, A burnin' me Burnin' me in my heart Help us Its too bad Too bad Too bad My girl and me will have to part Oh, have mercy Can you dig that can you dig that? I'm just tryin' to get my heart togethr that's all Well I said A I'm gonna leave this town, leave this town I'm gonna be big yeah I'm gonna make A whole lot A money baby That's just the way it is And then I'm gonna come back to this town Yeah, yeah And buy this town out Might even give A piece to you I'm gonna give A piece to you too baby Yes indead baby I'm just tryin' to get my heart back together again Back together again Back together again Back together again Back together Back together again Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, baby Hey Get my heart together It's alright it's alright Yeah yeah yeah It's all over thank you very much thank you very much Thanx A lot See you later man It's just me and my guitar
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