Little FeatFerocious Morning

F. Tackett, P. Barrere I was a real live wire on a very loose wig not a good combination in the best of times I had no real plans, no trouble in mind just a real fat wallet my modus operandi then I woke up - seatin' and lost ya know I sear that it's true the sun was shining in my eyes reflectin' off a gold tooth I said oh man... it was a ferocious morning well I remember the money quintessential moans yesterday's perfume tells me I ain't alone then I hear that fool's bellow pounding at the door I had my heart in my mouth when my feet hit the floor taste of cotton - and gasoline all down in my thirty two no time for stoppin' - I gotta beat the scen I think this window will do I said oh man... what a ferocious morning the heat was oppressive, ninety nine in the shade I hit the bricks runnin', hip-hoppin' away I needed some magic so I turned into a bar was the misery minute down at the happy hour my head screamed for a cough syrup cocktail but I settled on a deep well gin don't recall it all... I think it was fun but I don't wanna go there again oh man... what a ferocious morning © 2016