Lou ReedEvery Frog Has His Day

[King:] Oh mellifluous dwarf Prince of all the jesters Funny little thing you are Make me laugh As God's voluminous star [Hop Frog:] Gracious majesty Today is not made for laughter day This moment sacred is more for royal sunsets Then comic ruin or suicidal jests [King:] I'll be the judge of that thank you Make me laugh le petite cur Drink some wine Lest you foul sweet time [Hop Frog:] Drink upsets me Please your liege This would mark the death me [King:] I said drink you scabrous whore Are you deaf as well as short? [Tripitena:] Kingdom's Sire Big as you are Save such Bile for larger foes [King:] Make me laugh 'Fore I stretch your neck like a giraffe
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