Joni MitchellMagic

Do u beleive in magic? in a young girl's heart? how the music can free her, whenever it starts, and itz magic! If the music is groovy, and makes u feel happy like an old-time movie, I'll tell u 'bout the magic that can free your soul, but itz like tryin' to tell a stranger 'bout a'rockin' roll! do u beleive in magic? come along with me. we'll dancin' 'till mornin' 'till itz just u and me and maybe. if the music is right, i'll meet u tomarrow, sorta late at night. then we'll go dancin' baby then u'll see, how the magicz in the music, and the musicz in me, yeah. do u beleive in magic? yeah. i'll tell u 'bout the magic in a young girlz soul, tell u 'bout the magic of a'rockin' roll. tell u 'bout the magic that can set u free! ooooooh! talkin' 'bout the magic talkin' 'bout the magic! © 2016