Joy EnriquezBeetween You And Me

Verse 1: Why can't you tell the truth Why is it hard to choose Why I am loving you When you don't know if you're true Why did I give my trust Why did you promise so much Why did I hastitate to leave When you ain't no gook for me B - section: I can't - go on this way With hoped you - would feel the same Cause I can't do - what I really want to That's why I'm leaving you know baby Hook: How could you really think - that I would sit and wait For you ro rry to make - a decision about us If it was up to me - we'd both live faithfully But there's no security beetween you and me Verse 2: Don't know if you love me Don't know if I should be Don't know what is to be But I gotta know or let go Don't know what's in your pain I don't know just where we stand I just don't know if I can Be a part of questioned plans Repeat B -section Bridge: What makes you think I'll sit and wait While you go and play your games I won't be this way © 2018