Indigo GirlsJust Passing Time

She was grasping for a way to tell us all The hurt she felt inside Were all too happy she says Lets have a war And the night digs deeper in Theyre just some words to pass the time Some words to pass the time Now when the silence gets to be too much I can feel the soul searching Where do I go when Ive lost my cause We are the stories Even the good ones let me down There all just words to pass the time I used to be so sincere And maybe I still am And all this small talk Ive been reeling off Is slowly getting out of hand I mix real feelings With the ones I wish I had And I catch the most important ones In between them all Sometimes it seems like theyre all just words To pass the time And then weve lost our time And weve wasted out words And all the strain is gone Sometimes its too unreal to believe Just dont give it all away Get a grip Causes sometimes there are just words to pass the time I said Im too high Im too high And Im scared of falling down Ive just been grasping for words To make you want to stay To make it worthwhile I dont want spend the rest of my life Just passing time I dont want to spend the rest of my life here Just passing time © 2014