Irving BerlinA Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody

I have an ear for mu-Sic, and I have an eye for A maid. I like A pret-Ty girl-Ie, with each pret-Ty tune that's played. They go to-Geth-Er, like sun-Ny weath-Er goes with the month of may. I've stud-Ied girls and mu-Sic, so I'm qual-I-Fied to say Chorus A pret-Ty girl is like A mel-O-Dy that haunts you night and day, Just like the strain of A haunt-Ing re-Frain, She'll start up-On A mar-A-Thon and run A-Round your brain. You can't es- cape she's in your mem-O-Ry. By morn-Ing night and noon. She will leave you and then come back A-Gain, A pret-Ty girl is just like A pret-Ty tune © 2018