Irving BerlinI'm A Bad Bad Man

Frank:] I'm honored, I'm flattered, this greeting really mattered This welcome is grand but I'm really concerned I like your attention, but this I have to mention You're playing with fire and you're apt to get burned There's a girl in Tennessee Who's sorry she met up with me Can't go back to Tennessee I'm a bad, bad man There's a girl in Omaha But I ran faster than her pa Can't go back to Omaha I'm a bad, bad man There's a girl in Wyoming and they're combing Wyoming To find the man in white who was out with her that night There's a girl in Arkansas The sheriff is her brother-in-law Can't go back to Arkansas I'm a bad, bad man [Girls:] You're making too much fuss For we don't give a tinker's cuss We've been out, yes, each of us With a bad, bad man We've been chasing up and down That other show has just left town And the one who played the clown Was a bad, bad man You may love us and leave us, but the parting won't grieve us We'll turn the other cheek when the minstrels come next week When the show folks come to call A girl may slip but she won't fall We'll give some but won't give all To a bad, bad man [Frank:] For years I have yearned to play towns I could return to And "this may be it" from the way that you speak I'm glad you're not frightened, the atmosphere has brightened And now let's make plans for a wonderful week Monday when my show is done I'll teach you how to shoot a gun You may find it lots of fun With a bad, bad man Tuesday there's no matinee But I'll be in my tent all day You can come around and play With a bad, bad man Send your mothers on Wednesday because Wednesday's old hens' day But Thursday is sublime, I'll have lots of open time Friday night will be the test If Saturday you're still my guest Sunday you can come and rest With a bad, bad man © 2018