Irving BerlinOh How That German Could Love!

[1st verse:] Once I got stuck on a sweet little German And oh what a German was she The best that was walking, well what's the use talking Was just made to order for me So lovely, and witty, more yet she was pretty You don't know until you have tried She had such a figure, it couldn't be bigger And there was some more yet beside [chorus:] Oh how that German could love With a feeling that came from the heart She called me her honey, her angel, her money She pushed ev'ry word out so smart She spoke like a speaker, and oh what a speech Like no other speaker could speak Ach my what a German when she kissed her Herman It stayed on my cheek for a week [2nd verse:] This girl could squeeze, and it never would hurt For that lady knew just how to squeeze Her loving was killing, more yet she was willing You never would have to say please I just couldn't stop her, for dinner and supper Some kisses and hugs was the food When she wasn't nice it was more better twice When she's bad she was better than good [2nd chorus] Oh how that German could love With a sweetness that's sweeter than sweet Just say what you please, you would hug and you'd squeeze Just the shoes that she wore on her feet Her smile was like money that somebody owed you That somebody wanted to give When you felt like dying and she started sighing Ach my it was worthwhile to live [3rd verse:] Sometimes we'd love for a week at a time And it only would seem like a day How well I remember, one night in December I felt like the middle of May I'll bet all I'm worth that when she came on earth All the angels went out on parade No other one turned up, I think that they burned up The pattern from which she was made [3rd chorus:] Oh how that German could love With a love like you see in a play When she said, "My dear," it would ring in my ear For a year, and a week and a day Her no was like yes, and her yes was like no It was something like yes, it was, well When we got together ach donner und vetter 'Twas love with a capital "L" © 2018