Manhattan TransferUntil I Met You

I used to be so fancy free, But really lonesome as could be, Till one lucky day, you came my way I never knew what love was all about Until I met you. I knew it right from the start I used to think there'd never be, A girl who'd ever care for me, Then, what d' ya know, you made it so, I never knew what love was all about, Until I met you. Once we start, then we'll never part In my blue life, No one at all would even care if I cried. (hurtin' inside) In my new life, I'm walkin' tall, I got a feelin' of pride Glowin' inside. And, lover, you're the reason why, A lonely girl is ridin' high Now, who do you see, lucky as me? I never knew what love was all about, Until I met you. It's cherry pink - And apple blossom white That's right - pink and white I be tellin' y' right Who'da' ever believed a guy that Hustled pool was such a romantic; He really was frantic He pursue_________d me Chalkin? His cue Lemme? Tell y? Now, without a doubt Gettin' ready for a little romance The rustic romeo pursued me Now is his chance He showed me such emotion that I finally That's what t'do if he's got some eyes - - - - - Took a notion to give in F'hittin on you An' when y' took the notion Love is a game Did you imagine his emotion Everybody plays it the same Ever was the kind t' go f'coolin' It's a game - y' play by the rules Did 'ja think he might be jivin' and only foolin' Tho y' know the winners are victims Or did you appraise it as real? An' losers are fools Did you go f'what came? Now that you're his Or was love in the game? He c'n put his mind t'tending t' biz If love is the answer 'cause that's how it is - Then you'll never, ever be quite the same When y' find love, that's the one thing I'm sure you know that that's so You'll be sure of - Well I dropped m'heart now an' bent it Said a few sincere words Never dreamin' that I meant it To tell you the truth, I never, Ever really meant to begin it How can you explain true love? How can I disdain true love? Love is real exciting it's so exciting - that when it Turned me around I didn't feel like fighting It wouldn't a caught me Except when I saw you I was surer than sure This really couldn't be But what'y-know It really was so! I'm ready f'settlin' right down No more runnin' around And that's the truth, really the truth, Really ain't puttin' on no act. Really a fact Really, this ain't no time f'jivin' 'cause what I'm tellin' y' really comes Right from this heart of mine An' lemme tell y' there's an awful lot o' Sacrifice t' lay it on the line What's this thing people call love Something nobody has too much of This game all misunderstand, but play it One thing's sure; love's what I'm in Unloose cupid's bow, let it begin That's it! Let that madness start! There goes my heart! It's got me stumblin', it's got me mumblin' I'm like a ship without a rudder, A car without wheels Unless y' feel it, I can't reveal it Y' gotta have it happen to y' T' know how it feels One thing's sure; love has got me I'm as certain as certain can be I'm yours till eternity From the day that we met When you showed on the set I remember it yet I was knocked out I took one look at you And what else could I do Love walked in and I knew There was no doubt No, no doubt I love you, yes, I sure do, yes, I love you Yes, you know it I know that you knew from the start Now we two become one And we'll make it together I never really knew what love was all about Until I met you. I never really knew what love was all about Until I met you. Good - - - shot! © 2018