CarpentersI Have You

I have always been a dreamer Followed visions of my own I was born to belong To the lines of a song And make then my home I believe in happy endings Though I've only known a few For as rare as they are Like a bright falling star I found one in you Sometimes All the world can seem so Friendless And the road ahead so Endless And the dream so far away Sometimes When I'm almost To surrender Then I stop And I remember I have you To save my day Often my imagination Has me reaching out too far When I fell you were there With your hand in the air You knew from the start Sometimes After all you've done To save me Thru the love you freedly Gave me Every step along the way Sometimes People ask what keeps me Going And in truth, it comes from Knowing I have you To save my day Sometimes Feelng helpless When I held you Wishing words would come To tell you I have you To save my day © 2018