Pearl JamInsane

F**k me in the brain (X2) You fu***n' little c*** You're drivin' me insane f**k me in the brain (X2) You're drivin' me, drivin' me insane f**k me in my life... Hah... You wanted to be my wife, huh, huh, hah... F**k me in my brain, f**k... I may be a... I don't believe nothin', even if it's true, no... F**k me, f**k me, in my brain f**k me, my ears are open, in my brain f**k me You think I care 'Bout those emotions you wear You think I care 'Bout the way you wear your veil You think our love, huh Is so far above... Oh... F**k me (X7) © 2014