NazarethMiss Misery

Since you came into my life It's the same old situation Empty days and lonely nights Filled with bitterness and frustration. Walking lonely in the cold Tryin' to find the answer Spend my money on a crystal ball And the charms of a gypsy dancer. Tryin' to break the spell you hold on me [Chorus] You're miss misery That song you lay on me Set me free, set me free Please, please, please Everyday is filled with shame My nights are filled with anger Hollow lies, forced denial If you told the truth I can't remember. You know I've got to find my way Got to find a reason Got to find your weakness So I can end your witchin' season. Got to break the spell you hold on me [Chorus] Can't think how I got myself Caught up in this nightmare Evil schemes, midnight screams Come on somebody listen to my prayer I'd give all I've got to give Just to find my way out Got it going but I can't let go I'm trapped on this crazy 'round about Tryin' to break the spell you hold on me [Chorus] © 2017