Master PFreak Hoes

Hey check this out miss thang or should i say bitch... do you like to shake your ass in the club? do ya motha fucka? Freak hoes freak hoes let your mother fuckin knees touch your elbows Freak hoes freak hoes let your mother fuckin knees touch your elbows Freak hoes freak hoes bounce your ass and let your knees touch your elbows Freak hoes freak hoes bounce your ass ans let your knees touck your elbows (Verse 1)-Master p One time chase me they couldn't take me, my baby momma two kids couldn't take me. so I went to the club met nina have you seen her she look like Leena Horn with the bug butt got it goin on but got mo kids then children of the corn that's why i couldn't fuck with her even though I knew she was a gold diggin bitch out the projects livin on that county check but got that killer pussy that's why a nigga say watch that hoe watch that bitch silly rabbit the tricks on you bitch cuz Tru niggas stay Tru to the gizzame get the coochie and don't know yo nizame and leave a bitch stuck with dick on her breath dope in the house and one way out. (Chorus 3x) (Verse 2 )-silk the shocker Now once a trick always a trick ya wanna know why I talk like this supposta be me and you but ya fucked my whole crew and that's why I call you a bitch, Now um i shake these hoes like dice keep'en in check like knight now when I fuck turn on the lights when they go left I go rightI can't deny I treat'em like women but bitches like hoes man I climb them hoes like (something) I ride them hoes like brand new vogues on for stre after show, hit'em and put'em back in my brand new cutless but ain't no thang while she talkin shit upout this bitch I told ya'll no hoes can ride for free so get up out my shit. (verse 3)-mia x All you niggaz talkin bout bounce that ass there ain't a freak show we want the motha fuckin cash so fuck ya weed don't want no drank think that you can fuck me you ain't got enough to even touch me I seen you stuntin in yo benz but do them broads know it's for your motha fuckin friends wanna be a balla NIGGA YOUZ A HOE you clain playin still gettin fronted dope callin us freaks, but your the freaky one tonguelickin on my pearl like a stick to a snare drum until I cum all in ya fuckin face floss ya teeth with my pussy hairs, ans then i'm outta there I cares a fuck bout how you feel but i will slip a mickey in yo drink getcha getcha out your dope and your bank leave ya stank my cuz I ain't the hoe to shake my ass at the club for you negros I can't stand a mother fucka talkin shit when he knows he gets sprung when the pussy lips drip that lil dick yea you call me bitch but i wander why you still try to sweat me trick impress me trick now ain't that a trip you niggas try to flip the script but still ain't say shit you niggaz call your selves pimps and try to spit the game but your to lame for a TRU bitch. (Chorus) © 2018