Nico29 Days

It's been time and time again When you said that you'd be leaving, soon Hello Mister Wise Nice of you to pop your head in now Well, it's too late I've been thinking all about the ways that we could live together babe It's time to move on Close to New Year's day In such a subtle way...a baby Son, you showed your face And I couldn't help but cry I hope that you will understand It's time for you to find a few more friends It's OK CHORUS: It's been 29 days and I'm OK I've got no place to call my home Just a little old house on a prarie road Waiting for you to call me I've got my heart in a city where I don't belong A wife and 2 kids who wanna buy a dog A few spare bucks and a rusty lawn I couldn't have asked for 29 days It's time to say goodbye I've felt a little high...lately And over these 2 years I could've sworn that you and I could make it maybe In every man's life there comes a time to say hello and see you around Another town © 2018