NicoSister Free

You know you've gotta have soul sista' live free You know you've got to live your life un-di-vi-ded-ly You can only be whole baby with me You live your life forever wanting to be happy Livin' without me; Drivin' me crazy telling me maybe You're in love with me baby Say we can work things out Did you already forget about Leadin' me on like a dog on a long, on a long chain What's happenin' to ya; feels like I never knew ya I'll be singin' booya, all the way home So complicated; so Irritated We almost made it; you gotta do what you do Bridge: Should I maybe call ya later (call ya later) You know I'll be your procrastinator Does it feel right to you? I'll leave if ya want me to I wanna hear harmony but all I'm hearing is the melody © 2018