NicoSpoil My Blues

They say love will bring ya down You would know; if ya come to my town What you see is what you get There's nothing yet but this old love Bringin' me down Dirty old bouncer chuckin' me out Ya my family doctor says I got gout What I got; is what I know I gotta go and change my mind; one more time Chorus: Ya spoil my blues away You can take all my pain away You can make purple outta skies of grey And I wanna say... X2 thank you Same old thing; same old way Always happen every day Same old love; different jive; Gotta keep it alive Before it grows; into soggy mold Bridge: Who said lovin' would be easy I could tell him that he's wrong All I gotta tell ya is the one hit wonder Is nice but you'll be comin' back for more © 2018