Missy ElliottRain (Supa Dupa Fly) (Desert Eagle Discs Remix Beat And All Vocals)

Me I'm supa fly supa dupa fly I can't stand the rain Me I'm supa fly sups dupa fly When the rain hits my window I take a puff, puff me some indo Me and Timbaland-ohh We tango-dango We so tight that you get our styles tangled Sway-lo dosi-do like you loco Can we get kinky tonight? Like Coco, so so You don't wanna play with my Yo-Yo I smoke my hydro on the D-L Chorus: 4x I can't stand tha' rain Against my window Beep Beep Who got the keys to tha' jeep? Vrroooom I'm drivin to tha beach Top down Loud sounds see my peeps Give them pound Now look who it be It be me me me and Timothy Look lik eit baout to rain whatta shame I got tha armor all shine to tha stain Oh Missy Try and maintin Freaky Freaky Freaky Chorus I feel tha wind Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten Begin, I sit on Hills like Lauryn Until tha rain starts Comin down Pourin Chill I got my umbrella My finger waves these dats They fall like Humpty Chunky I break up with hime before he dump me To hav eme oh yes you lucky Chorus 1. 5x
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