Steely DanSteely Dan Show

Boys and Girls They come from all around From dear old Stockholm To Copenhagen town Forget their troubles In tasty riddum n' rime So here you are And now it's party time Wrap your mind Around this sound And let the goodness ripple down Goodbye to Lonely Street You're in the Catbird Seat At the steely dan show If you got backpacks And pointy little shoes Late-model roadsters Or just those walkin' blues A case of heartache That you're too numb to fight A secret sorrow That keeps you up all night Well don't you fret It's not your fault Just lay it all on Don and Walt Just trip out on these hits The groove that never quits At the steely dan show So buy a program Andor a hat You don't pass up a deal like that It's only promo stuff But hey it's good enough For the steely dan show © 2018