Todd RundgrenWorldwide Epiphany

Worldwide epiphany Worldwide epiphany, epiphany Down in the lowlands to the top of the hill Don't know what's comin', but we know that it will Blind in Benares, deaf and dumb in la Hiding in Africa, but nobody gets away Give it up one more time for the king of soul Let the good times roll, bring it on, bring it on Dusk 'til dawn, the landlady's gone Send the bill to the government, pack it in cement Babies and bachelors, fishes, cabbages, and queens Can't hear it comin', but we know what it means Boats upon the ocean, every plane in the air Never know just how or when, but we always know where Take it from the ground up, this is the last roundup You can't win, and you can't break even You can't be leavin' the game anyway You've got to stay 'cause we came to play It's a new gene, a new wavelength, or maybe it's a virus Put the fire in us and inspire us To trust and lust for the good life And all that is required of us Turn to the headline news as if we had a right to choose To have no views as the rocket's red glare pollutes the air, And we swear that it can't happen here And we'll never be there We got the right to know, which means We got the right to misunderstand And slant the plan to help our hand and man They call it a culture, but it sucks you in like quicksand Killer bees finally make it to Tokyo Juliet never made it with Romeo But check out the video later Terminator iii's gonna preview the next fifty years or so © 2018