Dance Gavin DanceTurn Off The Lights, I'm Watching Back To The Future

Take the car, and turn it into our alibis Discard the body, pop some pills and you'll be fine Purge, then binge, restart and, insert the sutures Turn off the lights, I'm watching back to the future Before we go too far, I wont let you take this light [x2] Breath in all mistakes without coming clean Into hobbling faith. No-one I wanna know Cause we laughed at assimilation Is this surreal tonight? Well go for all these wins Is this surreal tonight I'll go far and I'll ride Go on a brush me off. Brush me off brush me off Waltzing right into the bank They said that you have got a map of my insides Purge, then binge, pop some pills and you'll be fine Stay back from our lungs Coming off the lie I will separate. It only looks only looks so far well fill these holes Now I am you Remove the ribs if you can't lean sideways I thought my words would have mass appeal Costs your life, sly as always I thought my words would have mass appeal Cover your eyes I've stabbed you in the back You stop this, I can't Please stop me Right here I wont do this again I can't do this, I love you For all of this shit Why, why, Help © 2018