DioGolden Rules

Hush now children - lullaby Steal what you can't borrow Oh how brave you are And your world has Come so far Are you saved Have you been told Right is the enemy Too bad, too late Write this down (I) don't believe in sanity??? Or reading the instructions Throw 'em all away, hey Golden rules, Sunday school Crazy Wheels go round Angry machines, designing your destiny Digital dreams, with no heart, no soul Golden rules, Sunday school You're all crazy now Here's the situation The rest are gettin' pretty You're melting in the city Father says to mother Yeah, if you really wanna trash it Go ahead and smash it Are you saved Now when you go to sleep tonight One way or another If you don't die before you wake Do it unto others Golden rules, made more fools Sunday school, you're all crazy Hush now children Don't you cry We've just killed tomorrow How sad you are That your world has gone too far
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