Al GreenPerfect To Me

Another year has come and gone As my love for you keeps on and on and on You're perfect to me No matter what others see, You're everything that's on my mind If I could love you One hundred years or more You're everything that I love so, Hey... My devotion to you, More than you can stand... Mmmm And I believe in lovin' the whole woman Listen here, You know I love you Oh how I love you You're all that's on my mind Listen here, But oh how I adore you, I'd go the last mile for you You're ever changing times You're perfect to me More than my eyes can see, Oh yah... You know something you're the only thing that's on my mind As long as I live, I'll have love to give I don't want you to forget that now I'll always be 'round, I'll always be around close around here, Hey... You're perfect to me I don't care what anybody else sees... Oh no You're the only thing that's on my mind Hey, hey, hey, ha... I love you baby I walk the floor at night Holding my arms tight But they don't feel better than you I don't feel no better than you I love you baby... Yeah I don't like to fuss and fight, hey... All I got to say, All I got to say, All I got to see I love you baby... Yeah © 2018