EurythmicsThe King And Queen Of America

Well c'mon darlin' The stars are burning bright C'mon now darlin' Our lick is good tonight - 'Cause we're the all time winners In the all time loser's game Yea we're the all time winners And here we go again The king & queen of America... Yea it's the king of nothing And the queen of rage With a pile of confusion Upon a glittering stage You know we never did anything To make ourselves feel proud You know we never did anything So let's play it loud Let's hear it for the - King & queen of America... So c'mon darlin' There's a big moon in the sky - We're gonna build A little satellite - We're gonna make it fly... We're gonna send it up to heaven All the way up to the stars And all of them aliens Are gonna find out Who we are - We're talkin' 'bout the King & queen of America © 2018