Gary GlitterAnother Rock & Roll Christmas

Light the lights Ring the chimes Come on In, It's party time Raise a glass for auld langs sigh Come on, Rock it up for all mankind It's good to see friends I know Kissing under the mistletoe I love to hear the children sing It looks like Santa's gonna bring Another Rock 'n' Roll Christmas Another Christmas Rock N Roll Presents hanging from the tree You'll never guess what you've got from me! Another Rock 'n' Roll Christmas Another Christmas Rock 'n' Roll We better hold each other tight You never know it might snow tonight Guys and Girls Stay up late So excited they can't wait Let there be peace on Earth Come on, Rock 'n' Roll for all your worth We're gonna laugh (ha!) We're gonna sing We're gonna make the rafters ring I'll pull my cracker Let me be The silver star upon your tree Another Rock 'n' Roll Christmas © 2018